Learn to Lose Weight Forever

The Only Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need!

Knowledge is power.  Power is change.

Everything you've tried in the past to lose weight has been temporary.

Invest in the education to make your weight loss permanent.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The results speak for themselves. Learn how SlimLogix helped our clients lose weight and keep it off the healthy way!

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Lose Weight in a Healthy, Sustainable Way, Without Side-Effects, using Bio-Wearable Technology. 

How the Program Works

The SlimLogix System is a 12-week 100% online weight loss program.  The program includes individual nutrition consulting and is set in an online classroom-style learning environment so its members can best understand how to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off...for life!

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What You Get With The SlimLogix System

SlimLogix Welcome Kit (Glucose & Ketone Meter with supplies, SlimLogix Food Guide, and more...)

Twelve online group educational modules

Twelve online individual consulting sessions

Text and email support for program duration

What the SlimLogix System Does NOT Have

No pills, powders or shakes

No required supplements

No pre-packaged (diet) foods

No calorie counting or points

No embarrassing weigh-ins

No exhaustive exercises

No injections

No fad diets

No celebrity endorsements

No MLM system

No hype or gimmicks

No high-pressure sales staff

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What the SlimLogix System DOES Have

Accredited instructor-led courses

Evidence-based educational material

Meal planning using whole, nutrient-dense foods

Peer-supported community and support

Up-front and transparent pricing