SlimLogix Online Enrollment

SlimLogix Online Enrollment Process

Our enrollment process is to make sure SlimLogix is right for you. This is a no obligation, no pressure consultation to identify any weight loss challenges that you have faced in the past and help you find ways to reach your goal weight and maintain it.


Step 1: Schedule a free 15 minute consultation and speak to a live enrollment advisor on how SlimLogix can help you with your weight loss goals

Step 2: Payment for the 12-week program is due

Step 3: Schedule a 15 minute call with one of our doctors (required for the CGM's)

Step 4: Receive SlimLogix Welcome Kit in the mail

Step 5: Start your 12-week SlimLogix Program!


Once enrolled, your Nutritional Consultant will be in regular communication with you until your cohort begins.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goal weight!

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